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Family Case Management Services in Canada

Drug addiction is a horrible disease that usually affects the whole family. The friends and loved ones close to the addict are often submerged into a world of chaos, confusion and anger. The effects of the addict’s actions often interfere with other people’s lives, especially family members. At Interventions On Demand, we provide family case management that consolidates to a single point of responsibility for clients who receive services from multiple agencies. Case management replaces a haphazard process of referrals with a single, well-structured service. Through this, we offer our clients in Canada client continuity. As the single point of contact, Interventionists work collaboratively with the addicted individual, the treatment center, and the family to ensure treatment completion, relapse prevention, and the resolution of grief and other problems at the root of the pain and the addictive disease.

How Can We Help?

All professionals who provide services with SUD, including those specializing in case management, should possess particular knowledge, skills, and attitudes, which prepare them to provide more treatment-specific services. The basic prerequisites of effective practice include the ability to establish rapport quickly, an awareness of how to maintain appropriate boundaries in the fluid case management relationship, the willingness to be nonjudgmental toward clients and families. At Interventions On Demand, our team is equipped with the aforementioned qualities to provide dependable assistance.

Our Service Guidelines

When you choose us for family case management, we follow strict service guidelines to offer optimal care. Have a look.

A series of respectful family meetings are provided with the creation of guiding principles.

Our services are focused on individual and family long-term recovery.

Our Interventionist is aligned with your specific needs.
We offer personalized case management, safe transitions, in-home or outside-home coaching, and monitoring services.

Aftercare or Continuing Care

Aftercare or continuing care is the stage following discharge when the client no longer requires services at the intensity required during primary treatment. A client is able to function using a self-directed plan. At this point, counsellor interaction takes on a monitoring function. Clients continue to reorient their behaviour to the ongoing reality of a pro-social, recovery lifestyle. 


Aftercare can occur in a variety of settings, such as periodic outpatient aftercare, relapse/recovery groups, 12-Step and self-help groups, and halfway houses. Whether individuals completed primary treatment in a residential or outpatient program, they have at least some of the skills to maintain sobriety and begin work on remediating various areas of their lives. Work is intrapersonal and interpersonal as well as environmental. Areas that relate to environmental issues, such as vocational rehabilitation, finding employment, and securing safe housing, fall within the purview of case management.


Need Our Assistance?

Just give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you in your journey of overcoming addiction.

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