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Providing Addiction Interventions in Canada

At Interventions On Demand, we can help you organize an effective intervention. Our Interventionist or addiction professional will take into account your loved one's particular circumstances, suggest the best approach, and help guide you in what type of treatment and follow-up plan is likely to work best. If you're worried about a violent or self-destructive reaction from your loved one, professional intervention can be of great help. We will ensure that the intervention takes place in an effective manner that not only inspires the addict to bring about a change in his life but also provides a medium to the addict’s family for a successful recovery from drug abuse and grief.

Our Process

The intervention occurs only in safe places based on risk assessment. This is strictly for effectiveness. We conduct our intervention in a controlled environment that includes a trained counsellor. Once the intervention occurs, daily life must go on. An addict must choose whether or not they enter into the recovery process. Whether they agree to it or not, the family must will be supported and bottom lines from the intervention that were outlined during the intervention would be implemented. Contact us to consult with a Board Certified Interventionist today.

Addictions That Require Intervention

Our model of intervention is an Invitational Intervention process. Examples of addictions that may warrant an intervention include:

Prescription drug abuse
Street drug abuse
Compulsive eating
Compulsive gambling

Please take our online codependency test for self-assessment.


Individual and Family Recovery

We help the addict recover and their family resolve grief and other problems, all in one place.

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