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Intervention Services

Drug addiction is a horrible disease that usually affects whole families. The friends and loved ones close to the addict are often submerged into a world of chaos, confusion and anger. The effects of the addict’s actions often interfere with other people’s lives, especially family members.What is an intervention?

Intervention is a professionally directed, education process resulting in a face to face meeting of family members, friends and/or employer with the person in trouble with alcohol or drugs. People who struggle with addiction are often in denial about their situation and unwilling to seek treatment.

They may not recognize the negative effects their behavior has on themselves and others. Intervention helps the person make the connection between their use of alcohol and drugs and the problems in their life.

The goal of intervention is to present the alcohol or drug user with a structured opportunity to accept help and to make changes before things get even worse.

Family Intervention; Help a loved one

Executive Intervention: Help a colleague

People sometimes engage in self-destructive behavior, rejecting any assistance others may offer. Intervention, when done correctly, is extremely effective in helping these people accept help.Long used for substance abuse (alcohol abuse, drug abuse) and addiction (alcoholism, drug addiction), intervention is now also used for compulsive behaviors including gambling, sex addiction, computer addiction, and eating disorders.

Family CASE-MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING SERVICES - Working with Professionals

Case Management and Consulting Services is a way of collaboration and navigating the recovery system by accessing community resources that suit the individual and family’s need. Combining Case Management and Consulting Services can be highly successful for long term recovery promoting quality of life and cost effective Interventions and Outcomes. Our staff works with Physicians, Psychiatrists, Treatment Programs, Detox Programs, Second Stage Programs, Outpatient Programs, Sober Living Programs, and Private Practitioners to enhance the best practice outcomes of the Individuals that we serve.


Mostly, when loved ones accept Treatment; In-Patient, Outpatient and /or Community Based Treatment, families are so excited that their focus is on their loved one making changes. It is the family that needs to make personal changes too by gaining support and direction from a Family Consultant. If the family does not learn a new language on how to communicate with their loved one, the family member could impact the success of the individual’s treatment outcome and long terms sustainability of recovery. 


Addiction and Mental Health Referral Services

It offers a full-range of Community-Based Addiction and Mental Health referral services such as Residential, Outpatient, and Intensive day program models. Our goal is to work closely with patients and families while patients are accessing these services. It is an extra assurance that patients can transition into the community with Support Networks.

Detoxification Referral Services

It provides referrals for and works closely with a community team for Withdrawal Management, also known as detoxification, supports an individual to overcome physical and/or psychological dependence on a substance to achieve at least a temporary state of abstinence by alleviating the physical symptoms of withdrawal, providing an opportunity to treat any concurrent physical or psychiatric conditions, and facilitating referral to ongoing treatment.

ASSESSMENT & Screening

It provides Screening and Assessment processes, serving individuals with Co-occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders. Screening helps to indicate whether the individual has a Substance Use Disorder and/or Co-occurring Mental Disorder, at which time a determination may be reached that the patient may need an in-depth Assessment.

Family Treatment Planning

It provides a comprehensive quality of care Treatment Plan for Substance Abusers and Co-Occurring Disorder Individuals and/or Families using a set of tools and strategies that address the strengths and problems. Our strategy is to incorporate a Community-Based Approach through professional partnerships providing a clear framework for recovery stages.

Relapse Prevention

It offers Community Based Resources to support persons with chronic relapse episodes. By addressing attachment issues for persons struggling to transition from inpatient treatment back into the community, we help the individual learn life skills and address self-identification issues.

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